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We provide a Partner Program for Installers, Resellers and Software Technology Partners.


Installers & Integrators

We offer certifications for our Installer & Integrator partners. Becoming a certified installer can help you get leads and grow your client base by installing the best in Cloud-Based Access Control.

Created for installers and integrators that directly install for their clients and for our clients. DoorFlow is rapidly expanding worldwide and we are always looking for local installers and integrators to help our clients realize their access control solution.

Integration examples


Resellers & Distributors

We offer Resellers or Distributors custom partnerships. Created for partners that directly resell or distribute DoorFlow’s products and services. This partnership level includes custom reseller pricing for both hardware & software. Discover more about the benefits and development support we offer.

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Working on an app or the next big custom dev project? Our technology may be the missing code you’re looking for.

Created for technology companies and developers to partner with DoorFlow and integrate its tech with current or future collaborative development projects in progress. Anyone can build an integration between apps. However, we have a modern, open and well-documented API with a REST and webhooks interface. We also offer developer to developer support to help you get your integration live as soon as possible.

Learn about developing with DoorFlow on our Developer page.

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A partnership level to suit you.

Client Leads

Get relevant leads in your geographical location and area of expertise.

Partner Portal Access

Access to ROI Calculator, Setup Manuals, Installation Guides, Technical Guides, Marketing Materials, Whitepapers, Sales Guides, Lead Generation & Prospect Tools, Demo Booking, Demo Videos, Resources and Support.

Partner Pricing

Get rewarded for the role you’ve taken in the sale or installation.

Training Access

Access to the training section of the Partner Portal.

Certification Access

Access to the certification process of the Partner Portal.

Referral Bonuses

Gain bonuses on the referral of new business.

Dedicated Partner Manager

We'll help you support the success and growth of the partnership.

Dedicated Remote Support

Dedicated remote technical support for partners.

Hardware Compatibility Lists

Listing of Hardware Compatibility options for partners.

REST API & Webhooks

Full back end coding, webhooks and technical support.

Installers & Integrators
Resellers & Distributors


Everything you need to know.

What partnership level would suit me best?

Resellers & Distributors: Based solely for resellers and distributors to directly resell or distribute DoorFlow’s products. Partnership level to include custom scalable reseller packaging to distribute hardware and licencing.

Installers & Integrators: Based solely for installers and integrators that directly install units for clients. Partnership level to include custom packaging and installation certification. Including lead generation support for Installers and Integrators to have the opportunity at new direct install business and relationship packaging with DoorFlow.

Technology Development: Based solely for technology companies and developers to partner with DoorFlow and integrate its tech with current or future collaborative development projects in progress.

How long does it take to become an approved partner?

This all depends on your validity to become a partner and how fast you turn around your documents. If everything is smooth, you should see your approval come through in about 7-10 Days.

Does it cost anything to become an Installations & Installer partner?

No, there are no upfront costs to become a partner on the installations & installer Level.

Will I have support or an account manager to assist me?

Yes, you will have a Partnership Success Manager to assist you along your Partnership journey and ensure you are the most successful possible.

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