Integration with all the major systems

Most of our Integrations are bi-directional, meaning that you can control DoorFlow access as well as tracking attendance or events in your existing coworking or sports club system.


Linking DoorFlow to your directory lets you automate the creation, maintenance and removal of People and Groups.

Your core data stays where it should. Any new starters are created and any leavers are removed or their records disabled automatically.

You can additionally choose to keep credentials in the directory too, if you like, which means that you could sue the same credentials with other systems. We can help with designing this flow.

Google Workspace

Microsoft Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

LDAP / Open Directory

Membership Systems

Your membership systems drive the workflow - keeping track of who is a member and who is no longer paying their bills.

Linking DoorFlow means that access is also controlled in parallel with the membership.

Coworking systems


Space OS *

Satellite Deskworks

Yardi Kube

Office RND

Sports Club systems



Sporty HQ

Sailing Club Manager

Manage My Match


There are always times where you want to do something a bit special - fire off a webhook when something happens, or


Zapier *

Slack Actions *

PaperCut *

Twilio dialler

HID Mobile Access

Custom Actions

Slack webhooks

Outbound webhooks

Inbound webhooks *

* Coming Soon